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Cost Management starts with the proposal and bidding process. The “CostFact” software system supports cost management throughout all shipbuilding phases, beginning with the early phases of design and engineering, to the calculations that accompany production, and finally to the analysis of the completed project. CostFact is the number one in maritime specialized costing software and is developed in close cooperation with several of the world’s leading shipyards, which means that a number of best-practice methods have been incorporated into the system, covering all of a shipyard’s calculation demands.

The use of CostFact leads to:

  • Improved efficiency, speed and error avoidance in cost planning, analysis and optimisation throughout the entire life cycle.

  • Combining engineering know-how and costing experience in ascertaining the real cost of new vessels, and in generating reliable quotations very quickly.

  • Consistency throughout the entire proposal and calculation process that ensures transparency and comprehensibility for the ships calculated.

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